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            Company profile

            ??Tianjin TianZhongZhongZhi Technology Engineering Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as“ZhongZhi Co.”)was founded in 1998.It is located in Beichen Science and Technology Park,Tianjin City.It is a high-tech enterprise.Metallurgical equipments are ZhongZhi Co.’s main products. ZhongZhi Co. has the abilities of research、design、making the mechanical electrical hydraulic equipments and the ability of EPC of steel rolling line. ZhongZhi Co.’s main products are:hot strip steel line、rod and wire line、shaped steel line、section tubes shaping line、narrow strip wrapping machine etc.Our products have been sold to Inner Mongolia、Liaoning、Tianjin、Hebei、Shandong、Shanxi、Fujian、Guangdong、Yunnan etc. and to Thailand、Malaysia etc.

            ZhongZhi Co. has a Tianjin enterprise technology center.Its director is Ma Jingliang,the chairman of ZhongZhi Co.、associate professor level engineer. In this center,there are 12 senior experts、12 senior engineers、36 engineers.The researchers take up 49% of the whole employees. ZhongZhi Co. lies on technology center,strenthens the connection between production、learn and research,quickens the research of new products,and then has exploited these follow products successfully:0.75t-2t no core coiler series of hot strip steel line、new roller series of 4H mill of hot strip steel line、500mm- 800mm whole set series of medium wide strip stainless steel line、whole set series of shaped steel line、large round-to-square tube shaped line、strip wrapping machine etc.

            ZhongZhi Co. has a 45000 m2 plant where people can manufacture and assemble machines modernly.It also has a 9000m2 general office building. In the plant,there are more than 100 machine tools,such as:dozens of NC milling-boring machines,5m*16m、3.2m*16m NC planer type milling machines,four coordinate vertical machining center,6.3m vertical lathe,3.2m hobbing machine etc.There are 200t、100t、75t、50t、32t bridge cranes. ZhongZhi Co. has been one of the stronger machinery plants.

            ZhongZhi Co. has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system、carries out the quality guideline “forge ahead、continuously improve、keep faith、satisfy customer”all the time and practices and innovates continuously. ZhongZhi Co. has been the Tianjin City technological medium and small size enterprise and has gained these honorary titles for many years:“Tianjin City One hundred private enterprise 、“Tianjin City keep faith enterprise”、“Tianjin City famous brand”. So far, the company has achieved a leaping development and excellent results, and has entered the national "outstanding private enterprises".

            ZhongZhi Co. will persist in the business ethic of technology as guide,product as cock,quality as guarantee, service as foundation. With innovative design concept, sincere enthusiastic attitude, enterprising spirit, honest reputation, spirit of team cooperation ,we keep up with the latest frontier of metallurgical technology and provide customers with the best products and services. ZhongZhi Co. will keep in mind the social responsibility and business purposes.We will develop and grow relying on technological progress to be a well-known enterprise in mechanical industry with metallurgical equipment-based diversification.

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