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            List of Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights (Partly)

            A Combined Pinch Roller

            A Guide Beam Of Bar & Wire Mill

            A Connecting Structure of

            Pressing Device Of Houseless Rolling Mill

            A Connecting Structure Between Bottom Support Roll And Bottom Work Roll

            A Pushing Rod Pinch Device Of Billet Side-Out Machine

            A Wearable Shaft Of Auto Wrapping Machine

            A Hydraulic Coil Turner

            A Guide Structure Of Vertical Coilers Beam

            A Billet Discard Device

            A Strip Guide Structure Of  Counter

            A Device Adjusting Gap Between Rolls  Of Strip Mill

            A Pressing Detect Device Of 4-H Mill

            A Assembly Structure Of Bearing Block Bushing In 4-H Mill

            A Assembly Structure Of Driving Shaft In Bar&Wire Vertical Tensioning Roller

            A Collapsible Structure Of Core In Horizontal Coiler

            A Balanced And Avoiding Universal Shaft Rising Spindle Bracket Of Houseless Mill

            A Gable Gear Machine

            A Lock Structure Of Morgan Mill’S Base

            A Round Lock Nut

            A Fixing Structure Of Heat Insulation In Wind Cooling Roller

            A Lubrication System Of Reducer

            A Axial Adjusting Structure Of Houseless Mill’S Roll

            Guide Structure Between Water Cooling Guide Through And Pinch Roller

            A Transport Roller

            A Assembly Structure Between Support And Chain

            A Lubrication Structure Of Morgan Mill

            A Fixing And Adjusting Structure Of Wrapping Machine’S Head

            A Bearing Box

            A Measurement Equipment Of Bearing Block Pressing Hole In Houseless Mill

            A Spindle Bracket Of Houseless Mill

            A Simply Removed Balance Device Of Support Roll

            A Lubrication And Cooling System Of Bearing Or Connecting Structure Of Pressing Device In Houseless Mill

            A Welded Labyrinth Packing

            A Fixing Structure Of Work Roll In 4-H Strip Mill

            A Bended Plate Chain

            A Lift Roller Hydraulically

            A Cold Bended J Shaped Steel And Its Manufacture Method


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