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            Company profile

            Company Products

            Tianjin TianZhongZhongZhi Technology Engineering Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as“ZhongZhi Co.”)was founded in 1998.It is located in Beichen Science and Technology Park,Tianjin City.It is a high-tech enterprise.Metallurgical equipments are ZhongZhi Co.’s main products. ZhongZhi Co. has the abilities of research、design、making the mechanical electrical hydraulic equipments and the ability of EPC of steel rolling line. ZhongZhi Co.’s main products are:hot strip steel line、rod and wire line、shaped steel line、section tubes shaping line、narrow strip wrapping machine etc.Our products have been sold to Inner Mongolia、Liaoning、Tianjin、Hebei、Shandong、Shanxi、Fujian、Guangdong、Yunnan etc. and to Thailand、Malaysia etc.

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